Will Ferrell Played the Cowbell With His Son's Band

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Legendary comedian Will Ferrell is back in the spotlight, with an all-new holiday film with Ryan Reynolds that is helping many new fans discover his brilliant humor and gift for physical comedy. Long before Ferrell was a star of major Hollywood movies, the comedian was making waves on Saturday Night Live. During his tenure on the show, he took part in many iconic sketches, including the famed “More Cowbell” skit that parodied the Blue Oyster Cult song “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Recently, Ferrell revisited his character from the sketch when he took to the stage during a performance by his son’s band, playing the cowbell in a moment that has since gone viral.

Will Ferrell recently played the cowbell onstage with his son and his band

In early December, Magnus Ferrell, one of three sons born to Will Ferrell, was performing his first live show with his band, at a concert benefiting Cancer for College. According to Fox11, the nonprofit was founded by the actor’s former roommate and has the goal of providing scholarships and academic opportunities to cancer survivors.

As the opening act for the band The Psychedelic Furs, young Ferrell and his band were playing away when the assembled audience got the surprise of their lives. The young musician’s father, the iconic comedian himself, strutted onstage playing the cowbell, the same instrument that he played so memorably in the 2000 SNL skit. A video clip of the moment has since gone viral on YouTube, highlighting how much fun Ferrell had playing the cowbell during his son’s set, and how much the crowd loved seeing the star.

What did Will Ferrell say about his guest appearance playing the cowbell?

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Ferrell opened up about his son’s involvement with music, and his guest appearance on stage playing the cowbell. After describing how his son, Magnus, is a gifted singer-songwriter and has only recently started performing live shows, Ferrell said “he asked if I would perform during one of his last songs.” Ferrell joked that he brings the cowbell “everywhere, just in case…I’m available for bar mitzvahs, holiday parties…”

Clearly, Ferrell is a proud father, and has no qualms about supporting his son in his artistic endeavors. Magnus Ferrell isn’t the only member of Ferrell’s brood, however — the star shares a large family with his wife.

While many Hollywood stars have gone through multiple marriages and dozens of partners, Ferrell was lucky enough to find the love of his life early on. He met his now-wife Viveca Paulin in 1995 when they were attending acting classes together. They fell in love, and while they broke up at least once during their early years as a couple, the flame rekindled quickly. In 2000, they tied the knot.

The couple didn’t wait long to start their family. In 2004, they welcomed their oldest son Magnus, followed by their middle son Mattias in 2006. Their youngest child, son Axel, was born in 2010. Over the years, fans have gotten very rare glimpses of the Ferrell family unit, when the three boys join their famous father at a red carpet event or party. Ferrell even told Kimmel in his recent interview that the family loves attending sporting events together. As for Paulin, Ferrell’s wife of more than two decades, she has left the entertainment business but remains heavily involved in the art world, collecting rare and valuable pieces to display in their family homes.