Showcase Your Strings: 13 great pieces for recruitment and demonstration concerts

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Guests & Soloists

Include a beloved teacher oregon main erstwhile hosting a recruiting event.

Concerto for Triangle

by Mike Hannickel

This casual portion cleverly features a triangle ‘soloist’…who keeps missing their cue. Until the precise end, that is! Guaranteed to elicit giggles from young students.

Guest Soloist

by Richard Meyer

This time, a ‘volunteer’ is fixed a violin with conscionable 2 strings (or substitute immoderate instrument), and the ‘soloist’ is cued successful by taps connected the enarthrosis by the conductor. A large accidental for assemblage participation.

One Bow Concerto

by Richard Meyer

See what happens erstwhile a violinist, violist, and cellist are soloing with a pizzicato orchestral accompaniment…but determination is lone 1 bow for each to share! Bonus points for getting to perceive astir orchestral instruments solo.

Section features

Put each instrumentality successful the spotlight.


by Caryn Wiegand Neidhold

This people 2 portion includes optional drumset and the accidental for each instrumentality conception to play a solo (or conception soli) by playing either the notated solo, oregon improving their ain arsenic the remainder of the orchestra vamps successful the background.

Instant Recruiting Concert

arr. Bob Phillips

This made-for-recruitment medley begins with acquainted classical melodies, past offers instrumentality solo opportunities utilizing amusive tunes similar The Pink Panther and The Flintstones. To finish, the orchestra combines for a expansive finale of themes from movies similar Star Wars and Harry Potter. Optional narration is provided to usher the assemblage done the assorted instrumentality sections.

Three Buccaneers

by Kathryn Griesinger

To perceive each instrument, this portion gives each conception of the orchestra its ain theme: Violins, Violas, and Cellos/Basses. Each conception tin beryllium demonstrated by playing a fewer measures of “their theme” earlier performing the full piece.

Everyone’s Guide to the String Orchestra

by Camille Saint-Saens/arr. Douglas E. Wagner

If your recruitment taxable is an instrumentality “petting zoo” past this statement of melodies from “The Carnival of the Animals” is simply a cleanable fit. Cellos are featured successful “The Swan,” violas successful “Lion’s Royal March,” basses play the “The Elephant,” and violins bring the portion to a joyous decision with “Finale.”

Pop & Movie Hits

Get their attraction with euphony they already cognize and love.

John Williams Trilogy

arr. Calvin Custer

Get respective of the astir recognizable movie themes successful 1 medley! Tunes see Star Wars Main Title and End Credits, Theme from “Jurassic Park,” and Raiders March. This medium-level statement volition necessitate a small much rehearsal mentation and the soft and percussion parts adhd terrific energy, if you person the players.

Pirates of Caribbean (Easy Level)

arr. Paul Lavender

Pirates ne'er spell retired of benignant and this easy-to-put-together statement captures each the swashbuckling amusive of being successful orchestra.

Great Themes from TV and Movies

arr. Bob Cerulli

Everyone loves cartoons and this statement combines the Batman Theme, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, and (Meet) The Flintstones.

Power Rock

arr. Michael Sweeney

For those last-minute performances, stone the location with this super-easy mash-up of Another One Bites the Dust and We Will Rock You.

Sunflower (from “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”)

arr. Michael Story (Alfred)

This casual to play popular deed volition beryllium acquainted to each ages.

Viva la Vida

Coldplay, arr. Larry Moore

Lighten the temper with an upbeat and acquainted melody that brings each the bully vibes.

Last-Minute Favorites

Tried-and-true pieces are amusive and casual for astir ensembles to execute with minimal rehearsal time, and whitethorn apt already beryllium successful your library.

Kathryn (Griesinger) Parrish received her B.A. (cello) and M.M. (music education) degrees from the University of Akron, wherever she aboriginal taught drawstring pedagogy courses arsenic adjunct faculty. She taught orchestra successful Ohio and Florida backstage and nationalist schools for 15 years, portion freelancing arsenic an arranger and cellist for assorted ensembles. She besides writes commissioned works and sight-reading euphony for determination euphony festivals. Kathryn presently works for Carl Fischer Music as an orchestra editor.